INCEST: America’s Best Kept Taboo!

A companion report to the book entitled “STRUGGLE TO FREEDOM.”

Have you or other Clergy/Lay Members encountered Congregants, Family or Friends engaged in “Incest” and were not sure how to advise them?  As 21st Century Clergy dealing with Incest and Sexual Assault, DON’T FALL SHORT?

Incest is a very TABOO subject.  Due to the repulsive, offensive nature of Incest, people don’t or won’t discuss it; or the issue is ignored as though it didn’t happen.  Speaking about incest makes most people very uncomfortable.  This is due to the reality of family members (usually under-aged females) being abused by their own flesh and blood, who are supposed to love an protect them.

When in crisis or extreme need, people turn to their Pastor because he/she is familiar or safe for them.  People outside the church see Pastors as safe, wise, trustworthy, compassionate people, who have answers.  To assist, this simple easy to read report contains:

  • Statistics: regarding Race, Age, Frequency, and Location.
  • Raises Awareness: about Incest and Family Sexual Abuse
  • Characteristics of Abusers
  • Answers for Clergy when responding to the Victim/Survivor and Family Members.
    1.     Does God approve of Incest?
    2.     Why me, why did God let this happen to me?
    3.     There are days and nights that I do not remember.
    4.     I feel so awful!


Print Length          15 Pages
Publisher                REPLEVIN 2015, 2nd Edition 2018, United States
Language                English

Struggle To Freedom Excerpt #1       Excerpt #2      Excerpt #3      STF Characters

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Imagine helping a congregant heal or make a positive change.  You’re mending families, building future leaders, helping them to develop a victorious testimony, and a means to Grow Your Church.  As 21st Century Clergy dealing with Incest and Sexual Assault, DON’T FALL SHORT?

Some of INCEST: America’s Best Kept Taboo customers are Clergy, Family Members, or Co-Workers of incest victims.  Many customers have read this report because it speaks directly to their concerns or questions.  Other customers have used this report as an ice-breaker to start a conversation with someone they’re attempting to help.

As a Pastor, Minister, or a Friend, have you discovered congregants engaged in Family Incest Assault, and you were not sure how to advise them?  This is a tough issue, but this is the reality that some congregants live with.  You Can Help?


Meet The Characters of “Struggle To Freedom”

The characters of “Struggle To Freedom” are intense, and closely portray the feelings and actions of real-life as they take the reader on an emotional trek through this story.

The much appreciated feedback regarding “Struggle To Freedom” characters, indicates the story causes readers to want to keep reading.  The intensity of the story promotes the desire to hurriedly and meticulously follow the chain of events.

If you like being pulling into a story which stimulates you to passionately and psychologically identify and empathize with the characters, then “Struggle To Freedom” is definitely a “must-read” for you.

Please take a moment to meet them.  They’re coming to meet you in their own way.  When meeting a couple of the characters, I implore you to keep an open mind, as they can be quite cruel, outspoken, and utterly warped.  You’ve been WARNED!

DERRICK PRATT                  ELMER PRATT                      DERRICKA PRATT


DOUGLAS MONROE                       IRMA PRATT             JENNY DAVENPORT

Take the journey with the characters by getting your copy of today!  Tell your family, friends, buddies, followers, fans, and co-workers about “Struggle To Freedom.”


Struggle To Freedom Excerpt #1       Excerpt #2      Excerpt #3

Struggle To Freedom Excerpt #3 ~ I’ve Got To Teach You To PLEASE Your Customers

Excerpt #3 from STRUGGLE TO FREEDOM by Aziza Ashanti:

I have trained Derricka well, so Derricka and I are going to train you. Do you have a problem with that?” I look puzzled. “How’s Derricka going to train me?” Daddy laughs, “Derricka’s going to show you how, by sexing you. The only way I can teach you, is if you practice. The only way to practice is by having sex. I got you set up with customers for next week and I’ve got to teach you how to please your customers.

Now, I’m bringing Derricka back here. You’re gonna practice tonight because I’m gone watch, to make sure. Hear me Boy?” I look at my father obediently and with no choice, “Yes Sir.” Daddy straightens his clothes and leaves the guest room, heading for the house.

I sat on the bed and remembered a time, when I was 14 and my Uncle Luther Pratt and his four children came to visit one weekend. All of his children are older than we are.

My father sent Derricka and Lula on a picnic, away from the house, with some friends of the family. Anytime Uncle Luther’s boys came to visit, Daddy would send my sisters away. It’s his way of keeping things peaceful and protecting my sisters.

Uncle Luther’s boys decided to go for a ride and asked me to go with them. I rode in the truck with the three older cousins. We went about 10 miles outside of town. They saw a girl walking by herself.

They chased her and beat her up. They were laughing the whole time they were beating her. Then they tore her clothes off and took turns sexing her rough and hard. The girl was crying and screaming for help, but that made them laugh and hit her even more.

Then they invited me to sex her. I just stood there frozen, staring at them. How could they treat a girl like this? How could they get satisfaction from harming someone so viciously? Is this something they would do to Derricka and Lula? This must be why Daddy always sends my sisters away when Uncle Luther’s family visits. Now they’re laughing at me and calling me names, while they continued their attack. Will they beat me up if I don’t participate?


Struggle To Freedom Excerpt #1       Excerpt #2      STF Characters


Struggle To Freedom Excerpt #1 ~ Incest for Four Generations

Take an emotional journey with the main character of Struggle To Freedom, through incest, rape, molestation to eventual freedom.  On the surface, you would think this is a simple, and straight forward story, but it causes the reader to think about the lives of people that actually live through this.

Excerpt #1 from STRUGGLE TO FREEDOM by Aziza Ashanti expresses the reason this book was written:

Hello my name is Derrick Pratt and I’m a fictitious character, created through inspiration, to help victims and captives of incest, rape, and molestation in the American Community.

Throughout my life, I’ve experienced various family sexual relationships. My struggle to freedom from incest was very emotional, mentally damaging, and quite painful. I eventually got sick in my body because I thought I had no way out.

The need to start my own family caused me to break away from my family members; only to fall back into incest again. Finally, only after an extremely, unpleasant incident with my father and daughter, was I able to seek the help that I needed. In the end, I regained a normal family relationship, my dignity, self-respect and peace of mind.

For the time being let’s go back to an earlier time in my life. It’s mid-January 1987, I’m 19 and I work the family farm after school. I come from a poor African-American family that has engaged in incest for four generations (a tradition I learned to love and hate). Sex has been a very prevalent part of my life since I was 14.

I live in the town of Heyvyn and this is my story.


Struggle To Freedom Excerpt #2      Excerpt #3      STF Characters

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Struggle To Freedom Excerpt #2 ~ Thus Began The Town Known As Heyvyn

Excerpt #2 from STRUGGLE TO FREEDOM by Aziza Ashanti:

Just before winter, the men made a clearing through the forest so they could go back and forth to the next town easily, and barter for supplies and food. With their shares of the gold, the First Five built the various offices and buildings, so they could rent them out as more people moved into town. They were positioned for wealth and power.

Once Rufus purchased supplies, he stopped by his family’s home to visit his mother. He discovered his father had passed away and his mother was living a poor and humble life with his oldest brother.

Rufus found her, dropped to his knees in front of her, held her hand to his face and explained everything that had happened to him. Rufus recapped their sex sessions, which taught him about business, developed his mind and shaped him into the man he had become.

He begged his mother to come live with him, where she would never want for anything. Tears of happiness streamed down her face. Given that she didn’t have much, it didn’t take her long to gather her belongings.

On the way to their new home, Rufus purchased clothes, perfumes, and incidentals for his mother. Not only was she grateful, she was speechless. Never in her wildest dreams, did she think that she would have become part of the upper crust of polite society in her lifetime.

Meanwhile, the Emancipation Proclamation went into effect. Rufus remembered that there were other men who believed as he did and went back to petition their help and support for the new town he was building. He was careful not to approach men who were disapproving of his lifestyle. He simply invited men who shared his lifestyle, the opportunity to visit their town.

After arriving in Heyvyn, his mother was amazed at his accomplishments, and because she was Rufus’ mother, she immediately attained the status of High Society and Nobility. Rufus tasked her with organizing and implementing an education system for Heyvyn. Now his mother had purpose and power. She instituted a pre-college requirement as part of the education system, which caused high school to extend to the 14th grade.

Within the month, 30 families moved in. Several of these new families possessed talents and abilities that helped further develop the town. Quite a few non-incestuous families joined Heyvyn because of the opportunity to make money.

The surrounding towns are aware of the reputation of Heyvyn. However as long as Heyvyn left them alone, they left Heyvyn alone. The trade between all the various towns created a balance in the region which perpetuated progress, technology, and commerce.

Thus began the town we know today as Heyvyn.


Struggle To Freedom Excerpt #1       Excerpt #3      STF Characters


Introducing Struggle To Freedom: There’s A Way Out — Taboo, Romance


Struggle to Freedom (Revised Edition)

A fictional story of twisted incestuous family traditions and one young man’s struggle to break free.  The story depicts the battles, heartache, pyschological issues, andmoral issues that some endure living this kind of life; and the measures one will go through to get out.

Derrick and Tammy live a picture perfect life: the beautiful house, two gorgeous kids and a marriage that is the envy ofthe PTA.  But the childhood sweethearts know something their neighbours don’t; a dark secret too terrible to be spoken out aloud.  Derrick and Tammy come from Heyvyn, a mountain town where in the backwaters of humanity, incest and sexual depravity have been left to fester.

Twenty years after their escape as teenagers, Tammy and Derrick’s new lives little resemble their formative years.  A time when Tammy was betrothed to a criminal against her will, and when Derrick and his twin sister would sleep together in their father’s prostitution ring, or for his own sinister entertainment.  Decades later they struggle to keep the past at bay, a murky series of traumas that only come to life at night while they’re sleeping.

Then, the unthinkable occurs when the spectre of incest infects their innocent son and daughter.

Sick, confused and full of self loathing, Derrick receives an invitation to attend his mother’s birthday celebration and finds himself once more beneath the shadow of the father who abused him, the sister he suffered beside and his psychopathic brother, a man who takes even greater pleasure in cruelty than their father ever did.

Destruction looms as the ways of the past begin to engulf his once happy future, and as Tammy begins to fall back into the abuse she once escaped, it seems that only a divine miracle will redeem them from the depths of human anguish.

STRUGGLE TO FREEDOM is available on Amazon as a Kindle now.

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