Featured About Me 2This book is dedicated to survivors of Incest, Rape, Molestation, and Sexual Assault that seek the courage and determination to find freedom.  You are the true heroes despite challenging obstacles you have to face.  You don’t have to live life with abuse, assault, violence, hurt, and dysfunction.  There Is A Way Out!

Have you ever asked yourself OR has someone confided in you that they’ve asked themselves:

  •  Do you feel you were denied a normal childhood?
  • Do you feel your family or a family member betrayed you?
  • Are you still angry at times and unable to live your life normally?
  • Are you still feeling self-conscious, ashamed or guilty about what happened?

You Are Not ALONE!  There Is A Way Out!

The meaning of REPLEVIN is, to recover something that was wrongfully taken away.  In one way or another, we are taking back what was taken from us  —  Reclaiming dignity and integrity.

View the Resource Page for helpful resource information.  For those that are still looking for a way out, you are not ALONE.  Someone does care.  You can still look forward to a healthy, bright, and happy future.  There Is A Way Out.  THERE IS HOPE!


Aziza Ashanti is an up and coming Fictional Novelist and Inspirational Speaker, that speaks straight from the shoulder regarding family sexual abuse.  Aziza has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice and is fascinated with the inner workings of the mind.  Four months of steady, consistent nightmares gave birth to her 1st novel.  Her writing will shock and amaze, cause the reader to ask questions, and cause empathy for the characters that take the reader on a journey.

Aziza Ashanti tackled a tough subject, in order to bring to light, the ongoing struggles in our nation.  Although this is a work of fiction, it could easily be considered an accounting of several lives, rolled into one book.  As a society, we need to face and deal with this issue.

Some of her customers (which include the clergy) have used Struggle To Freedom to educate themselves about Incest and Sexual Abuse.  Aziza’s writing will shock and amaze, cause the reader to ask question, and invoke empathy for the Characters as they take the reader on a life-changing journey.