INCEST: America’s Best Kept Taboo!

A companion report to the book entitled “STRUGGLE TO FREEDOM.”

Have you or other Clergy/Lay Members encountered Congregants, Family or Friends engaged in “Incest” and were not sure how to advise them?  As 21st Century Clergy dealing with Incest and Sexual Assault, DON’T FALL SHORT?

Incest is a very TABOO subject.  Due to the repulsive, offensive nature of Incest, people don’t or won’t discuss it; or the issue is ignored as though it didn’t happen.  Speaking about incest makes most people very uncomfortable.  This is due to the reality of family members (usually under-aged females) being abused by their own flesh and blood, who are supposed to love an protect them.

When in crisis or extreme need, people turn to their Pastor because he/she is familiar or safe for them.  People outside the church see Pastors as safe, wise, trustworthy, compassionate people, who have answers.  To assist, this simple easy to read report contains:

  • Statistics: regarding Race, Age, Frequency, and Location.
  • Raises Awareness: about Incest and Family Sexual Abuse
  • Characteristics of Abusers
  • Answers for Clergy when responding to the Victim/Survivor and Family Members.
    1.     Does God approve of Incest?
    2.     Why me, why did God let this happen to me?
    3.     There are days and nights that I do not remember.
    4.     I feel so awful!


Print Length          15 Pages
Publisher                REPLEVIN 2015, 2nd Edition 2018, United States
Language                English

Struggle To Freedom Excerpt #1       Excerpt #2      Excerpt #3      STF Characters

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Imagine helping a congregant heal or make a positive change.  You’re mending families, building future leaders, helping them to develop a victorious testimony, and a means to Grow Your Church.  As 21st Century Clergy dealing with Incest and Sexual Assault, DON’T FALL SHORT?

Some of INCEST: America’s Best Kept Taboo customers are Clergy, Family Members, or Co-Workers of incest victims.  Many customers have read this report because it speaks directly to their concerns or questions.  Other customers have used this report as an ice-breaker to start a conversation with someone they’re attempting to help.

As a Pastor, Minister, or a Friend, have you discovered congregants engaged in Family Incest Assault, and you were not sure how to advise them?  This is a tough issue, but this is the reality that some congregants live with.  You Can Help?


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