Meet The Characters of “Struggle To Freedom”

The characters of “Struggle To Freedom” are intense, and closely portray the feelings and actions of real-life as they take the reader on an emotional trek through this story.

The much appreciated feedback regarding “Struggle To Freedom” characters, indicates the story causes readers to want to keep reading.  The intensity of the story promotes the desire to hurriedly and meticulously follow the chain of events.

If you like being pulling into a story which stimulates you to passionately and psychologically identify and empathize with the characters, then “Struggle To Freedom” is definitely a “must-read” for you.

Please take a moment to meet them.  They’re coming to meet you in their own way.  When meeting a couple of the characters, I implore you to keep an open mind, as they can be quite cruel, outspoken, and utterly warped.  You’ve been WARNED!

DERRICK PRATT                  ELMER PRATT                      DERRICKA PRATT


DOUGLAS MONROE                       IRMA PRATT             JENNY DAVENPORT

Take the journey with the characters by getting your copy of today!  Tell your family, friends, buddies, followers, fans, and co-workers about “Struggle To Freedom.”


Struggle To Freedom Excerpt #1       Excerpt #2      Excerpt #3

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