Struggle To Freedom Excerpt #3 ~ I’ve Got To Teach You To PLEASE Your Customers

Excerpt #3 from STRUGGLE TO FREEDOM by Aziza Ashanti:

I have trained Derricka well, so Derricka and I are going to train you. Do you have a problem with that?” I look puzzled. “How’s Derricka going to train me?” Daddy laughs, “Derricka’s going to show you how, by sexing you. The only way I can teach you, is if you practice. The only way to practice is by having sex. I got you set up with customers for next week and I’ve got to teach you how to please your customers.

Now, I’m bringing Derricka back here. You’re gonna practice tonight because I’m gone watch, to make sure. Hear me Boy?” I look at my father obediently and with no choice, “Yes Sir.” Daddy straightens his clothes and leaves the guest room, heading for the house.

I sat on the bed and remembered a time, when I was 14 and my Uncle Luther Pratt and his four children came to visit one weekend. All of his children are older than we are.

My father sent Derricka and Lula on a picnic, away from the house, with some friends of the family. Anytime Uncle Luther’s boys came to visit, Daddy would send my sisters away. It’s his way of keeping things peaceful and protecting my sisters.

Uncle Luther’s boys decided to go for a ride and asked me to go with them. I rode in the truck with the three older cousins. We went about 10 miles outside of town. They saw a girl walking by herself.

They chased her and beat her up. They were laughing the whole time they were beating her. Then they tore her clothes off and took turns sexing her rough and hard. The girl was crying and screaming for help, but that made them laugh and hit her even more.

Then they invited me to sex her. I just stood there frozen, staring at them. How could they treat a girl like this? How could they get satisfaction from harming someone so viciously? Is this something they would do to Derricka and Lula? This must be why Daddy always sends my sisters away when Uncle Luther’s family visits. Now they’re laughing at me and calling me names, while they continued their attack. Will they beat me up if I don’t participate?


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