Struggle To Freedom Excerpt #1 ~ Incest for Four Generations

Take an emotional journey with the main character of Struggle To Freedom, through incest, rape, molestation to eventual freedom.  On the surface, you would think this is a simple, and straight forward story, but it causes the reader to think about the lives of people that actually live through this.

Excerpt #1 from STRUGGLE TO FREEDOM by Aziza Ashanti expresses the reason this book was written:

Hello my name is Derrick Pratt and I’m a fictitious character, created through inspiration, to help victims and captives of incest, rape, and molestation in the American Community.

Throughout my life, I’ve experienced various family sexual relationships. My struggle to freedom from incest was very emotional, mentally damaging, and quite painful. I eventually got sick in my body because I thought I had no way out.

The need to start my own family caused me to break away from my family members; only to fall back into incest again. Finally, only after an extremely, unpleasant incident with my father and daughter, was I able to seek the help that I needed. In the end, I regained a normal family relationship, my dignity, self-respect and peace of mind.

For the time being let’s go back to an earlier time in my life. It’s mid-January 1987, I’m 19 and I work the family farm after school. I come from a poor African-American family that has engaged in incest for four generations (a tradition I learned to love and hate). Sex has been a very prevalent part of my life since I was 14.

I live in the town of Heyvyn and this is my story.


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Aziza Ashanti

Aziza Ashanti is an up and coming Fictional Novelist and Inspirational Speaker, which speaks straight from the shoulder, tackling tough taboo subjects; such as Incest, Family Sagas, and Dysfunctional Families. Aziza has a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and is fascinated with the inner workings of the mind. Four months of steady, consistent nightmares gave birth to her 1st novel, “Struggle To Freedom” (Replevin, 2014) 2nd Edition 2018. Her writing with shock and amaze, cause the reader to ask questions, and cause empathy for the characters that take the reader on a journey.

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